We’ve hosted many weddings at Riverside Boutique Hotel, the one a few days ago was a special source of pride to us, because the bride and groom are both Riverside employees – the first Riverside staff to get married at our venue.

Alick Kausipa and Idah Phiri met at school.  They were both in standard 4, pretty much at the start of their life’s journey.  They’ve been sweethearts since.

Alick joined the Riverside staff in 2014, and has become a sort of general do-everything Jack of all trades man.  Officially, he is part of our garden and outside maintenance team, and has played a huge role in the ongoing project to populate our flower beds with water-wise flowers, cacti, euphorbia, yucca and other similar plants which thrive on minimal water.  Alick has, over the years, acquired a great deal of knowledge of gardening, handyman work and other invaluable skills.  What’s more, he has become part of the late night reception duty roster.