On Thursday two weeks ago, Riverside Boutique Hotel hosted the monthly meeting of the Cape Town Chapter of Travel Massive.

The event was attended by 84 movers and shakers in the local hospitality industry – marketing and PR experts, travel bloggers and social media gurus, inbound and outbound tour operators, owners of guesthouses and hotels, and a cross-section of other professions and businesses.  It was an incredible event, one of those energy-charged evenings – the conversation was sparkling, ideas were generated, friendships were formed.

Several Hout Bay hospitality trade businesses were represented, they were particularly excited by the plans and suggestions raised during the evening.  We members of the Hout Bay community believe our Valley is one of the hidden gems of the Cape Peninsula, that it has much to offer the holiday and business traveller, that it deserves to be a destination of choice for people spending time in the Western Cape.  What we need, however, is dynamite to shake up the Hout Bay hospitality industry and get it to start strutting its stuff.  We all know, instinctively, that there are hosts of marketing opportunities out there which we are not utilising, that there are avenues not yet explored and gold in them thar hills not yet mined.

That’s going to change, over the next few months.  Under the dynamic leadership of Fuad Peters, the owner of Cape Tourism Connect, the marketing and promotion of Hout Bay is going to take off.  We’re hoping that the summer months will see the launch of a festival (watch this space for details) which is going to draw droves of people to our Valley, for a week-long celebration of life.  Not only that, but Hout Bay is going to marketed on the national and international stage, in a way which will make the world sit up and take notice.

So, our thanks to Travel Massive for organising this wonderful event, which signals the start of a new and exciting chapter in Hout Bay’s hospitality industry.