We’re sometimes asked why photos and video clips of Riverside’s dogs – Jag, Zoe, Mich, Jessie, Rovos, Sammy – feature so often in our publicity material.

Well, those dogs are part of us. By day they are tail-wagging, guest-welcoming creatures. By night, they guard our property. They’re part of what Riverside is. And, as an added bonus, children of guests loving having them as after-breakfast playmates.

There are, we realise, some people out there who are anti-dog, who don’t like having pets around, and we get the occasional complaint. We’ve also had instances where, on arrival, visiting families are kind of opposed to Riverside’s hounds but, during their stay, guests and especially the children undergo a complete turnaround, and by the time they leave are fans and friends of the Riverside dog squad. By far the majority of our guests are wholeheartedly in favour of the dogs. They are special friends, who bring lots of smiles to everyone associated with Riverside.