Green Initiative

We are proudly one of the first accommodation establishments in South Africa to be Ecocert certified.

Ecocert criteria includes the following:

  • No use of Chemicals ie herbicides, phyto-sanitary products, synthetic fertilizers
  • A water and energy conservation policy with knowledge of consumption and application of a reduced plan
  • Attention paid to soil: mulching, organic matter supplement, regular monitoring
  • Specific actions to encourage a high level of biodiversity and to encourage native species
  • An EMP (Environmental Management Plan) in put place and a copy is available for viewing at reception

Riverside Boutique Hotel
Hout Bay

Rob at 066 0754 761


Riverside Retirement Village

Catherine Auret 084 0838 081
Rob at 066 0754 761

Riverside Retirement Village click here

Corner of Valley and Welbevind Road 
Hout Bay, 7806

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