This past month, the rains have returned to Cape Town.  Days, several of them, when hundreds of thousands of glorious raindrops fell gently on the fields, the streets, the dams, the gardens of the region.  These thing fill the inhabitants of our city with joy.  At the same time, we acknowledge the valuable lessons learnt over the dry months.  Cutting down on domestic water consumption, washing cars less frequently, rainwater harvesting, filling our flower beds with aloe and cacti and other plants that need little water.

The most valuable lesson learnt is that we have the ability to survive, to turn the corner.  Drought will be followed by rainfall, despair will be followed by hope.  Every midnight carries the promise of dawn, in a few hours’ time.  Out on the farms the crops, starved of water and dying, have found new life and new energy.

That is a golden lesson which is true in nature, and life generally.