Golf is enjoyed by people from all walks of life, whose golfing talents vary from the sublime to the ridiculous. PG Wodehouse described the universal appeal which golf has, in the following words: I was never much of a golfer. … I was always one of the dregs, the sort of man whose tee shorts, designed to go due north, invariably went nor-nor-east or in a westerly direction. But how I loved the game. I have sometimes wondered if we of the canaille don’t get more pleasure out of it than the top-notchers. For the untouchable like myself two perfect drives in a round would wipe out all memory of slices approach shots and foozled putts, whereas if Jack Nicklaus does a sixty-four he goes home and thinks morosely that if he had not just missed that eagle on the seventh, he would have had a sixty-three.”

The Western Cape has dozens of spectacular world class golf courses. Here are three of the most popular ones:

– Westlake, renowned for the camaraderie it offers. Westlake’s golf festival, launched in 1978, has grown over the years and is now a fun-filled week long affair and successful fundraiser. The recently redesigned 4th, 7th, 8th and 11th holes are particularly impressive.

(Image courtesy of Golf Central)

– Steenberg: In 1994, Johnnic converted a working farm and wetland into a golf estate and dreamt of establishing a course of the highest excellence. They achieved that dream. In addition to exceptional golfing, Steenberg offers dining at an award-winning restaurant, a luxury spa, a 5-star hotel, a collection of unique art by highly respected South African artists.

(Image courtesy of Steenberg Golf Club)

– Royal Cape: This historic course, established in in 1885, has hosted the South African Open ten times. It is a golfing destination much loved by Capetonians and visitors.

(Image courtesy of Royal Cape Golf Club)

Riverside Boutique Hotel is ideally suited to the needs of the visiting golfer, wanting to play these and other courses. The three courses above are 20 to 30 minutes’ drive from us. We can organise shuttle transport from the hotel to the golf course for the day, and back (in case the 19th hole claims you as a victim). If the wife and kids aren’t joining our golfing enthusiast out on the greens, Hout Bay offers dozens of other activities which will make their day worthwhile, and the entire family’s holiday one to remember.