Luxurious accommodation geared towards your needs.

Time is always precious, and the traveller – whether a businessman or holidaymaker – needs an accommodation venue which is comfortable and customer orientated.

That’s exactly what we offer – business and child-friendly holiday accommodation in Hout Bay, Cape Town, uniquely geared to the needs of our guests.


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Walk through tour

Please take note: The link numbers in the above virtual tour are as follows.
Virtual Tour Number

VT 1 = Manor House Luxury Room 1
VT 2 = Manor House Luxury Room 2
VT 3 = Manor House Luxury Room 3
VT 4 = Manor House Luxury Room 5
VT 5 = Manor House Luxury Room 6

VT 6 = Annex to Manor House Standard Room 7
VT 7 = Annex to Manor House Standard Room 8
VT 8 = Garden Standard Room 1
VT 9 = Garden Standard Room 2
VT 10 = Garden Standard Room 3

Riverside Boutique Hotel
Hout Bay

Rob at 066 0754 761


Riverside Retirement Village

Catherine Auret 084 0838 081
Rob at 066 0754 761

Riverside Retirement Village click here

Corner of Valley and Welbevind Road 
Hout Bay, 7806

Weather in Hout Bay Area

Hout Bay Map