Luxurious accommodation geared towards your needs.

Time is always precious, and the traveller – whether a businessman or holidaymaker – needs an accommodation venue which is comfortable and customer orientated.

That’s exactly what we offer – business and child-friendly holiday accommodation in Hout Bay, Cape Town, uniquely geared to the needs of our guests.


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Walk through tour

Please take note: The link numbers in the above virtual tour are as follows.
Virtual Tour Number

VT 1 = Manor House Luxury Room 1
VT 2 = Manor House Luxury Room 2
VT 3 = Manor House Luxury Room 3
VT 4 = Manor House Luxury Room 5
VT 5 = Manor House Luxury Room 6

VT 6 = Annex to Manor House Standard Room 7
VT 7 = Annex to Manor House Standard Room 8
VT 8 = Garden Standard Room 1
VT 9 = Garden Standard Room 2
VT 10 = Garden Standard Room 3

Riverside Boutique Hotel
Hout Bay

Tel: +27 21 790 7475
Fax: 086 603 6193

Corner of Valley and Welbevind Road 
Hout Bay, 7806

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